Why work with SVTC?

Why work with Silicon Valley Tax Coach?

Proactive vs Reactive Tax Planning

A tax return largely reports history. Simply put, almost everything on the return has already occurred, and there is not very much that you can change after the fact to save taxes. This is “reactive” tax planning. You might be able to contribute some money to a retirement account or HSA, but typically that is about the extent of what you can do.

When you proactively plan to reduce taxes there are many, many strategies that become available.  Many things can be done to legally reduce your tax bill for the current year, but our planning does not stop there - we often recommend strategies that save both now and in the future, providing recurring tax saving for years to come.


Russell Barnett, EA, CTC has been working on tax matters ranging from simple to extremely complex since 2003, including both return preparation and representation before the IRS and state tax agencies. Our office has prepared thousands of tax returns, and we have the experience needed to advise you and help you navigate the tax code to uncover the hidden loopholes that will unlock significant tax savings on a current and ongoing basis.
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As a Certified Tax Coach, Russell has completed intensive training regarding the latest tax reduction strategies -  both to get Certified and then on an ongoing basis to ensure that he keeps up with the latest changes to the laws and to IRS regulations.

Our deep roots in the Silicon Valley area has enabled us to create a network of trusted advisors and professionals to assist with implementing our recommended tax reduction strategies, or to assist your business with non-tax related matters.  We work exclusively with professionals who share our ethics as well as our passion for providing the highest level of client care.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are proud to be the only tax firm in Santa Clara County that has earned the prestigious Diamond Certified designation, and have been since 2008. As part of the initial and ongoing certification process our clients have been independently polled to ensure that our clients are consistently satisfied with how we serve them.

We are so confident that you will love the tax savings that we discover for you that our tax reduction strategies are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy the cost of the tax reduction strategy report will be refunded.