Comprehensive tax analysis for business

Most businesses are inherently tax inefficient by default. The simple fact is that for most businesses and their owners, taxes are the single largest expenditure each year.

We use our experience, in depth knowledge of the tax code, and training as a Certified Tax Coach to evaluate your business’s operations. We identify the inefficiencies that exist in all businesses and then work to find legal ways to reduce the tax burden, properly manage risk, and control the likelihood of audit. These tax savings allow the businesses to invest and grow while rapidly growing the owner(s)’ net assets.

Tax planning for high net worth individuals

It is no secret that the tax code extracts a heavy tax from wealthy individuals in the United States of America. Most people we talk to don’t mind paying their “fair share”, but don’t want to pay any more than they are legally required - us included!

We specialize in proactive tax planning to minimize the taxes that high net worth families pay. We employ a wide variety of number of strategies to help reduce income and estate taxes. Every taxpayer presents a unique set of circumstances when it comes to tax, so the key to doing this is creating a customized approach for each client.

Our goal is to help your family live a pre-tax life to the extent legally possible. We do this by finding ways to help you:
  • Take advantage of your real estate holdings
  • Create strategies for dealing with appreciated assets
  • Plan for estate and gift taxes
  • Minimize future taxes in retirement
  • Achieve charitable giving goals
  • Minimize the impact of the loss of the deduction of State and Local Taxes (SALT) from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (“TCJA”) as well as other less-than-favorable changes
  • Ensure that you qualify for and receive maximum benefit from the good changes from TCJA

Proactive Tax Reduction Strategies

A successful business in the United States needs a plan in order to minimize the taxes it - and its owner(s) - pays each year. Not planning will typically result in a business paying thousands of dollars in tax each year that it simply does not need to. While the typical business owner we work with is very adept at running their business, relatively few have the in depth knowledge about the tax system needed to identify and take advantage of the many loopholes that exist in the tax code.

We work with business owners to provide the roadmap that is needed to navigate the tax code and ensure that they are making the proper choices and elections to receive the full benefit of the incentives that the government has baked into the laws. We also simultaneously work to minimize the likelihood of audit.

At the end of the engagement we provide a written report with our findings, with appropriate footnotes and explanations detailing the tax code, regulations, and tax court cases supporting our recommendations so that you know our recommendations are 100% legal. We also provide a checklist for the client so that they know what is needed to implement the strategy.

Filing Compliance

Filing tax returns can be a hassle, especially if there are several entities and family members to worry about! Our office will make sure that all required tax returns are filed correctly and on time. We will keep track of the due dates so that you don’t have to, and can help schedule estimated tax payments to that those don’t get forgotten.

My office prepares and files tax returns for US resident and non-resident individuals, C- and S-corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, gifts, trusts, and estates. We also prepare and file all necessary tax forms for all states.

We are also skilled at filing past due returns, and in negotiating with the IRS or state tax agencies for past due balances - including the negotiation of installment agreements and even penalty abatement when circumstances allow for it.

Referrals to network of trusted advisors

Our tax strategies typically involve many different parts. We focus our time exclusively on matters pertaining to tax, but because we have been doing this for so long we have a network of professionals in the areas of finance, banking, law, accounting, insurance, investments, residential and commercial real estate, etc. that we have worked with over the years.

We are always happy to work with your existing advisors when designing and implementing your tax plan, but if you need a referral we are also always able to direct you to someone who is competent, fair, and ethical to handle whatever services you need.